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How does Mike Espinola Plumbing Heating Cooling protect you and your family you ask? We achieve this a few ways, one way is through the installation of a sanitary plumbing system, another way is keeping you from being exposed to unhealthy and or explosive gases.

Through the use of proper plumbing techniques, we keep you and your family from being exposed to unhealthy and explosive sewer gases. We also bring hot water for you to clean yourselves and your homes. Installing tempering equipment so your water is hot enough to clean your dishes, but won’t burn you in the shower.

Another way we protect the public is to keep them safe from carbon-monoxide poisoning. CO is called the silent killer because it has no smell and cannot be detected without equipment meant for that purpose. CO is produced in the home typically by an appliance that burns fossil fuels, like a boiler, furnace, gas fireplace or space heater. So it is imperative that they be installed correctly to prevent any tragic deaths due to fire or CO poisoning.

Symptoms of CO poisoning include; headaches, nausea, feeling faint or overly tired and flu-like symptoms. 500 people die each year from CO poisoning due to foolish mistakes made by inept installers or misuse by the layperson. It is imperative that these types of appliances are installed correctly and not tampered with.

Some ways to protect yourself include; installing CO detectors in your home. There should be one hard wired, battery backup detector in the vicinity of the highest BTU appliance. Also you should have a plug-in, battery backup type in every bedroom. This is code for a new installation; however there are still many homes without this update.

Detectors are the only way to know if there is a buildup of CO in the dwelling and really are a must to protect you and your family. It’s the only way to be sure if you have the flu and should go to bed, or if you have CO poisoning and need to get out of the house to fresh air! (Tragically this has happened many times to CO victims, they feel sick, stay home and go to bed never to wake up, due to continued exposure.)

Another way to protect your self is to familiarize yourself with your appliances and their location. Look at how they were installed new, so you have an idea what it should look like, so you’ll be able to recognize if something has changed. If you are unsure, and even if everything seems to be working properly, call a professional to inspect your appliances for you, or call the fire department, which brings us to my next tip:

Always hire a licensed professional to install, repair or maintain any of your plumbing appliances and fuel burning equipment. With all that’s riding on the job being done correctly, you cannot afford to take chances whether trying to save time, or trying to save a dime.

When you hire Mike Espinola Plumbing Heating Cooling, you can be sure that your home and your family are in good hands. We here at Mike Espinola Plumbing Heating Cooling take no chances and cut no corners, because our customer’s health and safety, are always our priority.

You can count on Mike Espinola Plumbing Heating Cooling! We are your safe and reliable plumbers!

All this brought to you with decades of experience, and at an affordable price!

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Mike and his team have been great to work with from day 1. They gave helpful input and got the work done quickly and cleanly. If you want quality work at an affordable price, give Mike a call.

Kyle W, Hooksett, NH

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Pat & Bill – Hooksett, NH

My name is Daniel P, I had an addition built on my home in Salem, NH and Mike Espinola was referred to me to get a quote for the plumbing. After getting the most reasonable price quote from Mike, the work that was performed in my home was so neat, […]

Daniel P – Salem, NH

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